By Dr. Ashlie Linkhorn with Sports Chiropractic Institute.

Hydrate: Adequate or proper hydration is a constant Woman hydratingstruggle for runners, especially in the summer time. We all know staying hydrated is important, knowing our body is 60-65% water and adequate hydration is crucial for the body’s cell function and homeostasis. However, figuring out how much water an individual’s needs is challenging. Not only does the recommended fluid intake vary from one individual to another, but temperature and climate also play a role. With that being said one thing is for sure, you need to have a hydrations strategy that you know works for your body before, during, and after your runs. Don´t be afraid to try new routines and change things up until you find what works for you.

Tips: weight yourself before and after practice to replenish your water loss, do the bathroom check (urine color, clear is good), and always drink when you are thirsty.

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