5 Tips to Prepare for Race-Day

Here are 5 simple, yet very valuable tips to help you get ready for the Big Day!


  1. Hydrate and fuel yourself. The day before the race, drink plenty of water and choose a dinner with lots of carbohydrates. Avoid alcohol or excessive amounts of caffeine this specific day. Your morning cup of coffee is OK, but not all day.


  1. DO NOT wear brand new shoes for the race. Whatever shoes you plan to race in, be sure to wear on your training runs.


  1. Have your gear ready and packed before going to bed. Clothes, food/snacks, water should all be packed and ready to go. If you’re using any electronic devices, such as smart phones or mp3 players, make sure they are fully charged.


  1. Eat what you normally eat. On the morning of the race, eat foods that you have been consuming prior to [Read More...]

Keep the Momentum Going

Today’s post is about the importance of “Keeping the Momentum Going”. More specifically, it’s about staying motivated throughout the course of your journey. You’re almost there! Stay with it!! One of my favorite analogies on the power of momentum Jim Collins’ Fylwheel Effect, as discussed in his book Good to Great (fantastic read, by the way). Collins uses his Flywheel Effect analogy to demonstrate the necessity of gaining momentum in turning a business from Good to Great – this same concept can be easily applied to health & fitness. Here is an excerpt from his book Good to Great:

“[P]icture a huge, heavy flywheel. It’s a massive, metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle. It’s about 100 feet in diameter, 10 feet thick, and it weighs about 25 tons. That flywheel is your company.

Right now, the flywheel is at a standstill. To get it moving, you make a tremendous effort. You push with all your might, and finally you get the flywheel [Read More...]

Exercise Nutrition

Exercise NutritionHow far can a car get on an empty tank? Not very far! (Unless, of course, it’s a standard sitting at the top of a hill, but good luck getting it back up there!!)

Here’s another: Any idea what happens when you pump a Prius full of diesel fuel? Me neither, but I can tell you one thing that won’t happen: The Prius won’t perform the way it was built to.

These two analogies should run through your mind every time you think about food, especially now that [Read More...]

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