Here are 5 simple, yet very valuable tips to help you get ready for the Big Day!


  1. Hydrate and fuel yourself. The day before the race, drink plenty of water and choose a dinner with lots of carbohydrates. Avoid alcohol or excessive amounts of caffeine this specific day. Your morning cup of coffee is OK, but not all day.


  1. DO NOT wear brand new shoes for the race. Whatever shoes you plan to race in, be sure to wear on your training runs.


  1. Have your gear ready and packed before going to bed. Clothes, food/snacks, water should all be packed and ready to go. If you’re using any electronic devices, such as smart phones or mp3 players, make sure they are fully charged.


  1. Eat what you normally eat. On the morning of the race, eat foods that you have been consuming prior to your training runs. Two hours prior to your race is NOT the best time to try out a new health food bar or new supplements. Stick with what has worked in the past.


  1. Warm-up! Just as with your training runs, the warm-up should consist of active (dynamic) stretches, not traditional static (hold) stretches. Five minutes of brisk walking will make a great workout. You may even want to add a couple minutes of easy jogging. However, don’t overdo it; you want to be loose with a slightly elevated heart rate, not worn out before the race even starts.

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